I Am (Part I)

By Austin B. Hahn

I am from a corner
From the shadows and unseen places
I am from the flower that blossomed
Nectarine, sweet, yet peaceful, it tasted like honey
I am from the tundra
The cold weather left me empty inside with no one in sight
Maybe I was just invisible

I am from the ocean and the rainbow
From storms to flamboyant endings
I’m from the hills that laugh and whisper to each other
From blissful falls to shallow droughts
I’m from a song that can only be sung by an angel
With the right melody you can hear it like a prayer

I’m from the rain and a chrysalis
From the angels tears to the butterfly within
The sun’s radiant glow touches my skin and fills me up
With warmth like a buttermilk pancake on a stove
Underneath the shattered parts of a mirror
I can still see my reflection
A glimpse of the secret past
To burn the bridge I never crossed
I am the person made up of life
Cut deep before takeoff
With a broken wing I still know how to fly


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