January 16th, 2015

By Austin B. Hahn

Dear Journal:

What a disappointing day. I wasn’t very productive, so I didn’t get much done. I went through my math book, and some sections were like reading Shakespeare; they just didn’t make sense, (unless you’re Betty White’s age, who just turned 930 today.)**

I can’t believe Joan Rivers is gone, but Betty White is still with us, and she’s older. They are 11 centuries apart! I appreciate that Betty can recall what it was like when the Sumerian language was spoken. I really do. However, Joan Rivers was the one who was able to tell us about how horrible the Black Plague was and still got us laughing and crying at the same time. She could turn a Greek tragedy into a Hollywood satire. That’s what comedy does. It helps you get through life. I can’t tell you how many times I just wanted to quit, but, thanks to the simple invention of laughter designed by nature, I’m still here, and I have been able to face crisis because of it.

“Life is tough. You better learn to laugh at everything.”

—Joan Rivers

**Betty White was around in the 1400s, so she can understand Shakespeare since she lived in the time when people used old English.


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