By Austin B. Hahn

Question: do you think racism will always be around?

I don’t know if there will always be racism. What I can say is that I know there’s racism today, which is too bad because what functionality does racism serve? The only thing it does is prevent someone from achieving their goals. I hear some people say, “Your struggle is a part of your story.” As far as I’m concerned, no one I know who has experienced racism is getting paid to write a book. None of their stories will hit the bookshelves to teach anyone about racial inequality that persists in the world. All they will ever be are untold tales of suffering, rendering them useless.

Unless you have personally experienced discrimination, shut the fuck up and quit trying to push the issue of racism aside by telling someone, “You’ll have an interesting story to tell one day.” No one wants to write a manuscript for The Help 2. Besides, human lives are not tragedies waiting to be told. They’re opportunities to create something wonderful that are marked by a short duration of earthly existence. In time, I hope racism becomes less of an issue than what it is today. Bigotry, like herpes, just ends up costing us.

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