There Are Loves

By Austin B. Hahn

There are loves . . . everywhere I go

I loved you . . .
I love you . . .
I will love you . . .

I invite you to the privacy of my world
I show you the heart that never dies
You loved me back to life
And showed me all the things that I once loved

I give you the photos of my history
I trust you with the keys to my house
You took me by the hand to get closer
And whispered to me words of love

In my dreams you’re only a fantasy
In reality you are my eternal love
You will be the joy, the sadness, and the madness
You will fill out the rest of the chapters of my life

We would’ve loved in an earlier time
We were young and didn’t know ourselves
We were destined to love before our time
And I had realized that I loved you before I met you

Now you are dancing in the distance
I see you drifting over the sea
I imagine you along the shore
You are nowhere to be found

The absence of your presence dwells within me

And yet I am still here yearning for your love . . .


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