Blue Light Can Damage Your Eyes

Paraphrased by Austin B. Hahn

Source: Wallis Simons, Jake. “Is Your iPhone damaging your eyes?” DailyMail. Associated Newspapers, 6 Apr. 2015. Web. 15 Mar. 2016.

With the rapid development of technology, electronic gadgets have become common household objects. According to Dr. Sanchez-Ramos, who’s based at Compultense University in Madrid, modern LED screens “emit up to five times as much blue light” as devices prior to 2007 (Wallis Simons). LED screens have been linked to numerous health effects such as cancer, headaches, macular degeneration, retinal damage, and sleep problems (Wallis Simons). Chicago’s Northwestern University also found that it can stimulate hunger, even after meals, leading to weight gain and obesity (Wallis Simons). Children and young adults are most at risk for retinal damage since “they lack the natural protection against blue light that the human eye naturally acquires” (Wallis Simons). Other groups susceptible to the aforementioned health effects include anyone who is sensitive to blue light, “digital workers,” and the elderly (Wallis Simons).

In an experiment conducted by Dr. Sanchez-Ramos, human retinal cells that were exposed to blue light resulted in apoptosis, or cell death (Wallis Simons). However, with a protective screen, “this was reduced by 83 percent” (Wallis Simons). The filter, known as Reticare, which was designed by Dr. Sanchez-Ramos, converts blue light to a frequency akin to sunlight (Wallis Simons). Prices vary according to size and cost between €12.95 ($14.77) and €49 ($55.87).

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On a personal note, I do not specialize in vision care, but for those who are looking for more financially feasible alternatives, I use f.lux on my computer and Twilight on my iPhone. You can download them both for free.

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