Amor Insincero

By Austin B. Hahn

Kind words

Polite gestures

Sparkling conversation

A smile that illuminates the room

Soft flickering candle lights

A warm, romantic ambience on this quiet night

Glass of wine halfway empty

Gourmet bread

Italian cuisine

Chocolate decadence

Elusive, intimate moments exchanged

Eyes of passion permeating one another

Carnal synchronicity requires few words

An empty glass of wine

The waiter brings the bill

Lips interlocked while standing alongside the curb waiting for a taxi

Staggering towards the edge of the stairs

Tossing and turning between the sheets

Lost in each other’s embrace

Falling asleep as the night begins to fade . . .

Waking up the next day to the rays of sunlight

You tell me, “I’ll text you later”

Emoticons, hearts, I miss you’s, bombastic messages

My efforts to see you again are met with ambiguity

Days go by

Weeks go by

Months go by

Your memory fades

Shame I spent the time of my life on you without asking for a receipt in case I wanted it back

Too busy pursuing one infatuation after another

To only be remembered by many as an insincere lover

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