Amor Insincero

By Austin B. Hahn

Kind words

Polite gestures

Sparkling conversation

A smile that illuminates the room

Soft flickering candle lights

A warm, romantic ambience on this quiet night

Glass of wine halfway empty

Gourmet bread

Italian cuisine

Chocolate decadence

Elusive, intimate moments exchanged

Eyes of passion permeating one another

Carnal synchronicity requires few words

An empty glass of wine

The waiter brings the bill

Lips interlocked while standing alongside the curb waiting for a taxi

Staggering towards the edge of the stairs

Tossing and turning between the sheets

Lost in each other’s embrace

Falling asleep as the night begins to fade . . .

Waking up the next day to the rays of sunlight

You tell me, “I’ll text you later”

Emoticons, hearts, I miss you’s, bombastic messages

My efforts to see you again are met with ambiguity

Days go by

Weeks go by

Months go by

Your memory fades

Shame I spent the time of my life on you without asking for a receipt in case I wanted it back

Too busy pursuing one infatuation after another

To only be remembered by many as an insincere lover

I Am (Part I)

By Austin B. Hahn

I am from a corner
From the shadows and unseen places
I am from the flower that blossomed
Nectarine, sweet, yet peaceful, it tasted like honey
I am from the tundra
The cold weather left me empty inside with no one in sight
Maybe I was just invisible

I am from the ocean and the rainbow
From storms to flamboyant endings
I’m from the hills that laugh and whisper to each other
From blissful falls to shallow droughts
I’m from a song that can only be sung by an angel
With the right melody you can hear it like a prayer

I’m from the rain and a chrysalis
From the angels tears to the butterfly within
The sun’s radiant glow touches my skin and fills me up
With warmth like a buttermilk pancake on a stove
Underneath the shattered parts of a mirror
I can still see my reflection
A glimpse of the secret past
To burn the bridge I never crossed
I am the person made up of life
Cut deep before takeoff
With a broken wing I still know how to fly

Poesía en un menor

Por Austin B. Hahn

Una nota del autor: Este poema está inspirado por el famoso poeta chileno Pablo Neruda. Proviene de su poema Me gustas cuando callas. Lo escribí cuando tenía 19 años.

Me gustas cuando me besas
en la mejilla porque estás
como el sol caliente en mi piel
Parece que estoy perdido en
tus ojos y amoroso en la distancia

Así como el viento no tiene color,
el amor no tiene dinero o raza,
te doy estos momentos privados
y las llaves de mi corazón para compartir

Me gustas cuando sonrías porque
estás como el que rompe las olas del mar

There Are Loves

By Austin B. Hahn

There are loves . . . everywhere I go

I loved you . . .
I love you . . .
I will love you . . .

I invite you to the privacy of my world
I show you the heart that never dies
You loved me back to life
And showed me all the things that I once loved

I give you the photos of my history
I trust you with the keys to my house
You took me by the hand to get closer
And whispered to me words of love

In my dreams you’re only a fantasy
In reality you are my eternal love
You will be the joy, the sadness, and the madness
You will fill out the rest of the chapters of my life

We would’ve loved in an earlier time
We were young and didn’t know ourselves
We were destined to love before our time
And I had realized that I loved you before I met you

Now you are dancing in the distance
I see you drifting over the sea
I imagine you along the shore
You are nowhere to be found

The absence of your presence dwells within me

And yet I am still here yearning for your love . . .

Hay Amores

Por Austin B. Hahn

Hay amores . . . dondequiera que vaya

Te quise . . .
Te quiero . . .
Te querré . . .

Te invito a la privacidad de mi mundo
Te muestro el corazón que jamás muere
Me querías de vuelta a la vida
Y me mostraste todas las cosas que solía amar

Te regalo las fotos de mi historia
Te confío con las llaves de mi casa
Me llevaste de la mano para acercarte a mí
Y me dijiste en voz queda palabras del amor

En mis sueños tú sólo eres una fantasía
En realidad, tú eres mi amor eterno
Tú serás la alegría, la tristeza y la locura
Tú llenarás el resto de los capítulos de mi vida

Nos habríamos amado en un tiempo anterior
Éramos jóvenes y no nos conocíamos a nosotros mismos
Estábamos destinados para amarnos antes de nuestro tiempo
Y me había dado cuenta que te amaba antes de conocerte

Ahora estás bailando en la distancia
Te veo navegando a la deriva encima del mar
Te imagino a lo largo de la orilla
No estás en ningún sitio que te pueda encontrar

La ausencia de tu presencia mora dentro de mí

Y aún estoy aquí anhelando tu amor . . .

I Am (Part II)

By Austin B. Hahn

I am lost in your eyes and amorous in the distance
I wonder what if I told you
I hear the sound of your voice
I see the happiest person right in front of me
I want to learn how to dance with somebody who loves me
I am lost in your eyes and amorous in the distance

I pretend that you are the moonlight and the stars
I feel warm when Afrodite walks right by me
I touch Cupid’s arrow
I worry that the sun in your eyes will fade
I cry when I think of someone else loving you
I am lost in your eyes and amorous in the distance

I understand each moment of life
I say let’s cross over
I dream of one heart next to another
I try to paint the color of my love
I hope that we’ll be together in the next life time soon
I am lost in your eyes and amorous in the distance

An Ephemeral Reverie

By Austin B. Hahn

You gaze upon my eyes
I whisper softly as you walk on by
My heart beats with each step you take
I want you in my life

You’re a lost experience
I wander in my soul
My hand reaches over a thousand years
I feel the stretch of time

You love another now
I am left with the undying curiosity
My eternal fondness stands still
I let my hand slip as I lend you to another man