Journal Entry #2

By Austin B. Hahn

I love gay men! They are so creative with sex, and they have such a fun attitude about it. Over the years, I have written several ads on Craigslist and on adventurous, but risqué sites such as Adam4Adam. As a tribute to the frivolity, vivacity, and wit of gay men, here are some of my attention-grabbing, yet-oh-so-hard-not-to-respond-to ads.


Headline: Straight up whore!

Alright bitches, let’s be honest: this is Adam4Adam. It’s a hookup site, so l’m not going to deceive you into thinking that I’m looking for “love,” but if you are looking for a good fuck buddy, well then you might want to consider me as a gift from baby Jesus. Although you may not be religious, you might start calling out his name when you meet me. 😉 If you’re interested, hit me up.

Profession: Professional cock sucker

Craigslist (around Christmas time):

Headline: I’ve been a good ho, ho, ho

Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good this year, and I would like you to cum down my chimney, but if I’ve been too good, I can always be naughtier!


Headline: Wanted: DICK

I have tried calling 1-800-Dick, and they were out. I even tried shopping at Dicks for Less, and they were out too. When I asked the clerk, she told me, “You could try Angie’s List, but she’s miss goody-two-shoes, so I would recommend Craig’s List. He’s a whore.”

Gentlemen, if you know where I could find some, I’m open to suggestions now.


Journal Entry #1

By Austin B. Hahn

Dear Journal:

What a let down the New Year’s party was! I swear, it made the Stepford Wives look entertaining. Everyone was sitting around, being quiet, or talking about how their tuna casserole that they made the other day didn’t turn out right. Half the time I just wanted to turn around and say, “You won’t believe what happened yesterday! I thought I had some money in my wallet, and when the pizza delivery guy showed up, I realized I couldn’t pay him, so I just gave him a blowjob instead which is basically the same thing as cash. If not, even better, right?”

I looked around, and people seemed as if they were anxiously waiting for something good to happen. My friend, who was sitting next to me, mumbled, “Dude! This is the lamest party I have ever been to man,” so I finally stood up on the couch and yelled out, “Who wants to put a grape in my ass for $20!?”

My friend, like a teenager, almost died of embarrassment. His face looked more red than the Kool-Aid mascot. I didn’t honestly think there were going to be any takers, but to my surprise, the universe responded.

A young twenty-something girl perked up and said, “Got $20 right here!” She looked like an Ugly Betty impersonator who could’ve made an appearance on Glee.

“Alright! Let’s do this!” I said enthusiastically. We headed downstairs to the bathroom with two other people closely following behind. “Who the hell are they?” I asked.

“These are my friends Seth and Katelyn. I’m Suzie by the way.”

“Hi! Nice to meet you, Suzie. I’m Austin, but you can just call me Whore.”

Suzie giggled and proved to be a very sweet girl. Luckily, her friends were just as nice. However, I couldn’t help but notice Katelyn’s behavior …

“She’s blind, so she has to be with me at all times,” Suzie informed me.

“Oh okay, but what’s Seth doing here?”

“He wants to watch,” which I didn’t mind, except Seth didn’t look like God had loved him enough to give him a nose.

As I looked around, I thought to myself:

How the hell did I end up in this tiny bathroom with No-Nose, Helen Keller, and a nymphomaniac who’s willing to pay me $20 to put a grape in my ass?

Then I remembered: I put myself in this situation.

To my disappointment, just as I was about to take the $20 bill, she chickened out on me.

Later that night, as my friend and I were heading back home, he turned to me and said, “Man, you’re crazy. I can’t believe you did that.”

I told him, “Oh believe me. That was nothing. If you were to see me walking down the streets of Seattle in latex with my leather daddy, you’d realize every night is what I like to call ‘casual Friday’ for me.”

Limpia (Cleansing)


Photo by Austin B. Hahn

Credit to Sasha, a professional palera based in San Diego, who taught me this cleansing and sent me the materials pictured above. You can contact her at You can also order her products online at


  • Agua de florida (Florida Water)
  • Cascarilla (egg shell powder)
  • Charcoal (Three Kings brand which you can find at
  • Esencia Perfume Oil azar
  • Esencia Perfume Oil Jazmín
  • Esencia Perfume Oil Mirra
  • Flor de azahar
  • Florida Water soap
  • Incense by Botanic Havana (contains seven blossoms, dried up roses, frankincense, myrrh, and copal.)
  • Lirio (lily extract)
  • Red cloth
  • Rattle viper sperm incense (from Laredo Mistycals Co.)
  • Tin foil
  • Vamsi Dhari Perfume Oils Almizcle
  • White flower petals of your choosing


Note: This cleansing will take five days.

Day I
Put the rattle viper sperm incense inside the red cloth and take a rubber band to tie it off into a little ball. You’re going to start cleansing your own or your significant other’s body with the red ball of cloth as if it were soap. Start from the head and work your way down to the toe. You will ask for everything that you or your significant has on that’s negative to be taken off of them or yourself, and then take the aluminum foil and lay it out on the floor. Put the bag on it, and light it on fire. Look for shapes in the flame (such as animals or the initials of an enemy.)

Day 2

Days 3, 4, and 5
Take baths.

To prepare the bath:

  1. Mix the six viles and the Florida Water together with the cascarcilla and the white flower petals for three days with water from the kitchen sink.
  2. Shower normally with the Florida Water soap.
  3. When you’re about to get out, ask everything negative, (such as ill will sent your way or witchcraft), to wash away. Let it air dry.
  4. Put the charcoal over a burner, then once it’s ready, you will know because the charcoal will turn red, put it on a pan and sprinkle the incense by Botanica Havana over it. You can pass it over your body and over all four corners of your home.
  5. Ask that any negative energy be picked up by the incense to go away. Do this for three days.

Tip: Before you leave the house, using the cascarilla, you can put a cross on the extremities, (hands and feet), of your body and on your forehead. You can also put a cross on the palms of your hands, clap, and say, “one, two, three,” and then shake it off. Do this while you’re inside of your own home.


Commentary by Austin B. Hahn

While I do believe that human variation such as culture, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and other attributes help us to identify one from another, (imagine trying to file your taxes, but there was no way to verify your identity), I do agree that when we use them to segregate ourselves, they become weapons.