Dear Advertisers

By Austin B. Hahn

I do not want to buy your products, and a pop-up ad that appears in the middle of my movie, YouTube video, or blocks an article that I’m reading because it’s in the frickin’ center does not encourage me to buy it. Do yourselves a favor: instead of wasting millions of dollars on advertising, spend some of that money by giving back to the economy. Donate, go fund a poor person who’s living out on the streets to help them get back on their feet, or invest in something that benefits everyone, such as medical research. The choice is yours, but please do something other than try to advertise to my generation. We do not want to buy your crap.


Dissatisfied Millennial



By Austin B. Hahn

If there is anything I have learned in psychology, then it would be that the accuracy of something isn’t reflected by how many people believe in it.