Vague Advice from the Internet

“The worst mistake you can make is being afraid to make one.”

–The Internet

Commentary by Austin B. Hahn

Just make sure the price for making that mistake isn’t more than what you can afford to pay for.



Commentary by Austin B. Hahn

While I do believe that human variation such as culture, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and other attributes help us to identify one from another, (imagine trying to file your taxes, but there was no way to verify your identity), I do agree that when we use them to segregate ourselves, they become weapons.


“Health is an inner resiliency that allows you to meet the demands of life. Being in a state of health helps you thrive in the face of environmental, physical, emotional, and mental stress.”

–Acupuncture Media Works

My interpretation:

By Austin B. Hahn

Health is more than just being physically fit, eating a balanced diet, and getting seven to eight hours of sleep. It’s maintaining an inner peace that enables us to deal with crisis.

Always Love Yourself

“We’ve all run into the experience of falling in love with oneself through the other, or being in love with being in love. The other is used as a kind of stand-in for the self because the other, at least temporarily, is more acceptable to the ego (which A Course in Miracles, by the way, defines as an identity complex constructed essentially of self-hatred). The love that could be felt toward oneself is projected onto another person. This works well enough until the misgivings and hatred we feel toward ourselves become projected onto another person.”

–Eric Francis