Reminder to Self

By Austin B. Hahn

If someone is gossiping behind your back, don’t worry about it. A lie is like cotton candy; it tastes good for three seconds and then it’s gone, but the truth sticks like gum. In time, regardless of what anyone has said, people will realize the truth about you.


Tell No One


Commentary By Austin B. Hahn

If you are reading this, I want you to know this is true. I’m not saying this to embitter you; I’m telling you this because I care. Some people can be jealous assholes, and others are just afraid of experiencing life, so they’ll think you should be too and try to keep you in a bubble. I’ve had one plan sabotaged right after the other because I told somebody about it. Don’t let that be you. Learn from my experience. People don’t need to know everything about your life.